Macadamia Nuts Galore and More

Macadamia Nuts! Who doesn’t like macadamia nuts? I’ll take them any time and any place but ESPECIALLY when in Hawaii.

When I think of Hawaii, I think of several things immediately: blue waters and blue skies, tuberose and plumeria, pineapple, coconut syrup, hula AND macadamia nuts!

What better place to stop along Kamehameha Highway than a macadamia nut farm?  We located the Tropical Farms of Hawaii outlet shop in Kaneohe and pulled in for a quick look around and a few snacks. I’d visited before on prior trips but it’s one of those stops than never gets old. After all, it’s full of macadamia nuts!

First, we found the box of fresh, raw nuts along with boulders and rocks so we could crack our own.

Then I noticed there was a guest among us. Actually, we were the guests as I’m sure this little fella makes himself at home at the farm.

Not only were there tasty nuts for the appetite, but also things satisfying for the eyes.

And now for the more!

For $20, you can get a tour. An air-conditioned one at that. 

Come on, let’s go! And we can see macadamia nuts galore…and more!


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