Pool Shots

When we moved a little more than a year ago, one of the desires on our long list of wants for our new home was a community pool. We wanted one that was very nice and where we would enjoy frequenting. We also wanted one that was well-maintained.

We got it! One other thing that we enjoy about “our” pool is the fact that it is hardly ever crowded. As a matter of fact, many days that I go in the mornings there is no one there but me. It’s like I have my own private pool without the work and responsibility of keeping it cleaned, ph-balanced and maintained.

We moved into the neighborhood last May and it took a good month to get unpacked and settled. During that time we only visited the pool once and that was just to walk down and check it out. We were not even dressed for swimming. Once we were settled and could take time, it was just too stinkin’ hot! Remember, last summer is the one where we broke heat records here in Texas. Needless to say, we had no desire to go roast at the pool.

This year is a different story. It’s still hot but not nearly like last year. And I’ve made a habit of getting up in the morning, going to my Jazzercise class for a good workout first thing and then coming home and going to the pool for an hour or so before attacking my day’s tasks. And I’ve REALLY enjoyed it!

Here are a few shots I’ve taken while at the pool from my iPhone. Just to be clear, I do not swim in the pond. There is a lovely pond on the other side of the pool-area fence and down the hill just slightly. I like to put my chair where I can see the pool and the pond. On really hot days, I’ve seen cows and horses at the pond refreshing themselves, just like I am at the pool.

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