How I Ended Up in Hawaii: A Testimony of the Amazing Goodness of God

Did you know I have been to Hawaii this past week? Probably not, because I didn’t know I was going until 24 hours before the flight left. Another surprise and spontaneous trip, to say the least!

This was my fifth trip to Paradise over the course of my years, but of all I am most thankful for this one. It wasn’t the best trip of all, in respect to what I did or saw and most of it was spent while Sweet Hubby worked. I didn’t get out of the resort as much as I would have liked and I didn’t get nearly enough photos of the island, but yet I am most thankful for this trip.

Had a heart of thanksgiving going. Had a heart of thanksgiving while there. Have a heart of thanksgiving NOW! My God is good and He continually amazes me with His goodness and shows me His favor!

Here is what happened:

Sweet Hubby has been scheduled to go to Hawaii for a meeting for several months. Back when we first found out that he was going to England, he asked me which I’d prefer…Hawaii or England. We didn’t want to spend the money on both trips and seeing I’d been to Hawaii a number of times and never to England, I opted for the trip across the pond. As you know if you’ve been reading my posts the last few weeks, that trip has come and gone.

His scheduled day of departure was June 13th – a Wednesday. As the time approached I had this huge desire to go. But at this point I realized I had made my decision back in January and was content with the choice I had made. Regardless, I checked flights using AA miles to see if there might happen to be a last-minute (or what I thought was last-minute)  “deal” of a ticket. I checked the week before. Nope, not even close. There were plenty of tickets available using four times the number of miles I had accumulated, so the thought of the trip was set aside. Again, I was content.

On Monday, June 11th, Sweet Hubby came home from work and announced, “I don’t want to be practical. I really want you to be in Hawaii with me. See if you can find a flight.” (He knows I’m the practical one in the family and will justify spending money by saying, “It’s not practical.”)

I was shocked. Really? Are you serious? You leave in two days and you want me to find a flight now? Um…if you insist.

So I immediately went to the airline’s website to find a flight to and from Honolulu. I was looking for the SuperSaver fares only – and the least expensive they had to offer at such late notice. I found a flight going to Honolulu through LAX, but the non-stop flight Sweet Hubby was on was fully booked, except for first class seats (which I was NOT going to pay that amount!) I found that his return flight home was available so we would at least be able to fly home together. I put the flights on hold with the availability to purchase within 24 hours. But I didn’t have peace.

Sweet Hubby decided to call the airlines to see if perhaps there were seats available that were not showing up online. He called two different times and spoke with two different agents. Both said the same thing – no coach seats but plenty of first class. Again, I’m NOT paying that much. And he agreed to be somewhat practical.

The next morning (yes, the day before he/we were scheduled to leave) I awoke at 4am. I had dreamed off and on all night about flights, Hawaii, etc. so waking at 4am felt like I really hadn’t been asleep. All night as I tossed and turned, I’d pray, think about whether or not I should go, whether or not I should be practical regardless of what Sweet Hubby had said and listened for an answer from the Lord.

As I turned over and saw the clock reading 4:00am, I decided to reach for my phone and do a search on the website again to see if perhaps anything had opened up over night. Nope, nothing. Still the same options which did not include one I’d be willing to pay. I tried to go back to sleep and as I did, I just said, “Lord, I don’t have peace. The only way I’ll go is if I can get on Sweet Hubby’s flight.” Instead of sleeping, I tossed and turned.

I picked my phone back up and for the next 2o minutes I laid in bed and input the same information into the site on my phone – over and over and over again and got the same results each time. Not sure why I was continuing to put the same info in over and over but I couldn’t sleep and Sweet Hubby was sound, so might as well. After 2o minutes of the same results, I set the phone down and tried to go back to sleep once more.

When I did, I heard the Lord say, “Check again.” I reached for the phone and again searched. This time a seat on coach showed up but was not the SuperSaver rate and was as much on the one leg as the entire roundtrip booking that was sitting on hold. No thanks! Again, I tried to sleep and again I tossed and turned.

About 20 minutes later, just as I was dozing off I heard the Lord say again, “Check again.” Always wanting to be obedient and sensitive to His voice, I reached for the phone, but I must confess, I didn’t want to. I wanted to sleep by this time. I’d pretty much come to terms with the fact that I didn’t have peace about the booking on hold.

As I reached for the phone and put the information in that I had come to know in my sleep, something was different. A SuperSaver rate showed – on Sweet Hubby’s flight. Could I have accidentally put in the wrong info?

I literally jumped up out of bed and RAN upstairs to where my computer was sitting and input the info into the site. And again it brought up what I had hoped to see all along…a coach seat on AA Flight 5 leaving on June 13th from DFW to HNL at 1:00pm. Could it be? Am I dreaming?

I didn’t waste any time! I immediately cancelled the booking I had on hold (because you can’t have two bookings on hold leaving on the same day) and went back again to input the information. And it was still there, so I selected it as well as the return flight on Sweet Hubby’s flight and put the booking on hold. I wanted to double, triple, quadruple check the information. After all, I had not slept much and it was quite early. I also wanted Sweet Hubby to read the details to make sure I was not overlooking anything.

Then I went in to select my seats. Here is where it gets really interesting! If you don’t believe in the Lord’s amazing goodness, perhaps this will encourage you…when I went to select the seat on the flight from DFW to HNL, the one that had opened up was the one sitting RIGHT NEXT TO SWEET HUBBY! Not one across the plane, in a different cabin area, but the one seated next to his – in the seat I would have chosen had all seats on the plane been available.

I would have been perfectly happy sitting anywhere on that flight that day, just being on the same flight as my man. But my God took it a step further for me and opened up the one seated next to him! And on top of all that, $40 less than the booking I had on hold going through LAX.

God is Good and He amazes me with His goodness and shows me His favor!

So…after a very long and fulfilling story…THAT is how I ended up in Hawaii. And can I tell you once again?  I am oh, so thankful!

(The one night that Sweet Hubby had off from working the meeting he was attending, we took a sunset dinner cruise. It left out of Honolulu and cruised the coast of Waikiki. This photo is a shot of an angle of Diamond Head that can only be seen from the water and on the other side of Diamond Head from Waikiki. It was a beautiful sunset as you can tell!)


6 thoughts on “How I Ended Up in Hawaii: A Testimony of the Amazing Goodness of God

  1. God is so good! He wants to please His children, do wonderful things for us and to continually bless us…especially when we love Him, want to please Him and are obedient and thankful! There is no love like our Daddy’s unconditional love for us and nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than a close one-on-one personal relationship with Him! I am so thankful that I am my Daddy’s girl! 🙂 ♡


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