Downton Abbey, Oh I Mean Highclere Castle

One of the main things that had to be accomplished while in England and one of the first places planned was this place:

Highclere Castle!

You see, Lisa got me hooked on this show during last year’s holiday season. She shared it with me and told me it was on Netflix and I (really should say “we” as Sweet Hubby got hooked, too) started and didn’t stop until we had seen every episode of Season One. Hour after hour we watched.

Before we knew it, the season was over and there were no more to see. 

Until January! Then Season Two aired. And again, we were stuck to the TV every sunday night watching faithfully. But too soon, that season was over. Now we have to wait until NEXT JANUARY!

In the mean time, we found out we were going to England so Lisa and I got our heads together and did the research to find out all we could about where it was filmed, if it was a real place, etc. We soon discovered that in fact it IS a real place and is filmed at Highclere Castle. We also discovered that they just so happened to be doing tours three days in the month of May! AND THREE DAYS WHEN WE WOULD BE IN ENGLAND TO VISIT! Woohoo!

Daily, she would check to see if tickets had been made available for sale. And daily there’d be no sign of opening up the box office. Until finally. One day. I got the call…

“Debbi, they are on sale and I’m out and can’t place the order. Hurry!”

And I did. 

After about 20 minutes of wrestling with their website, the tickets were purchased and we had the day planned. We made it! And just a short while later, all the tickets were sold out! But we had ours and that was all that mattered.

It’s a beautiful place! Besides being the shooting location for the famed PBS Downton Abbey series, it is the current home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon. It also is quite historical and its history somewhat mirrors the popular television series.

I’ll share more photos as the days go by, but for all the Downton Abbey fans, do you recognize this?


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