Feed the Squirrels, Tuppence a Bag

Oh wait! According to the song from Mary Poppins, this is the wrong creature!

And this kind, old man was not selling feed.

No, but he was feeding the squirrels. It was the most interesting thing to watch. He sat there and the squirrels would be all around Kensington Gardens…in the bushes, up the trees, wherever.

Then he would call them by name, “Billy! Charlie! Come here!”

And here they would come, scurrying to the old man.

Billy was so familiar with him that he would run right up the old man’s leg and sit on his lap waiting for the nut. Charlie was a little more skittish and would come within a foot or so of him on the brick wall and sit. Waiting to be hand-fed.

What a sight and what joy the old man had in taking care of the God’s little creatures.

And the little creatures love him, too!

This is Charlie right after being hand-fed a nice, big almond.


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