Which Way Do I Go?

Since returning from England, I’ve been a little mixed up!

Fell asleep at 4:30 pm the first full day back, only to wake at 1:30 am.

Then fell asleep in my chair at 7 pm the next night, woke, climbed in bed and back to sleep, to wake at 4 am.

Repeat the next night only I managed to stay awake until 8 pm. Woke at 4 am and been awake since.

Wonder what tonight will hold?

I’m a little slow in processing photos. Haven’t even really started. Laundry is still not complete and stuff everywhere. Then my wonderful Sweet Hubby sprang a surprise on me. He’s been planning to do something special for our anniversary. A trip. A cruise. On our anniversary. Our anniversary is next week!!! SURPRISE!

So, as I unpack I’m repacking. There’s still a little time but not much. Therefore it could be a little while before I get to my England photos. I’m definitely NOT complaining. I’m just looking forward to the processing part and sharing my pics.

For now, I’ll share this. It’s something I had to learn and had to practice and still never quite got the hang of it. But it was a life or death situation so I made certain I did my best. You see, in London, pedestrians do NOT have the right-of-way. And the cars will just keep on going. Yep, those big double-decker buses, too!)


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