Krause Springs – A Photo a Day #1

When Sweet Hubby and I spontaneously made a trip to Austin a couple of weeks ago, to spend the day with Son, we wanted to get him out of the city and take him to a place we discovered back in January of this year. He had never been and seeing he has chosen his mode of transportation, while attending UT, to be his bicycle and his two legs, we knew he wouldn’t have many opportunities to visit this lush little place.

The place is Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas. There are 32 natural springs on this gorgeous piece of property with options for swimming in the spring-fed pool, swimming or fishing in the pond, camping in your choice of many sites or perhaps just picnicking and enjoying the beauty.

The trees are HUGE, especially considering that unless you travel to East Texas, you just do not see many large trees in our state. I would say this park has such gigantic monsters due to the fact they are fed from the springs year round. And it’s obvious they flourish by their height and their roots. The roots of these trees are everywhere and the trees grow on everything, including rocks.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share one photo a day from this most recent trip to Krause Springs. (Be sure to hit the arrow on the bottom right of this page for the next image.)

You will see for yourself what I mean by the growth. And if you ever find yourself looking for something to do in the Texas Hill Country, make sure you take a trip to Spicewood and REALLY see for yourself!

Today’s photo is one of Son and Sweet Hubby standing in front of one of the monsters. Keep in mind, Sweet Hubby is no less than 6’3″.


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