The Son in My Sunshine

Yesterday, Sweet Hubby and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to visit Son in Austin. He had the day off, we had nothing pressing and we were missing him.

We awoke early and headed out just after sunrise and made it there just as he was waking up and ready for the day.

And what a wonderful day we had! We took him out for an afternoon of adventure and hit several parks along the way. One was Krause Springs where we found a wooden chair made from a sawed tree trunk.

Son does not like having the camera in his face and often makes funny faces if he sees I have the lens pointed in his direction. But he humored his mother by posing for a photo for me. Isn’t he sweet?

I’ll be sharing more about our day over the next several, but for now

…here is the photo of the sunshine of my life. Son!


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