Well, Hello There!

Last weekend, Sweet Hubby and I took some very dear friends to Ennis to see the famed hooded flowers. Our friends, Mr and Mrs A, have been in our lives for many, many years. Although technically old enough to be our parents, they act more like siblings and we’ve had a number of fun experiences and trips with them over the years. Many fond memories!

We do not see them often enough and when we do, we like to take them on excursions. They also live in the DFW area but rarely venture outside of the metroplex, unless they are with us, of course. So off to Ennis we go!

While driving around admiring the blue beauties, we stumbled upon an interesting sight. A horse and buggy full of folks who had stopped to admire more horses. And beauties they were! Absolutely gorgeous creatures indeed.

But my eyes caught something else. More beautiful creatures that were across the road and being completely and totally ignored. So while everyone was oohing and ahhing over the great stallions, I decided to give the other darlings my attention. And boy, did they eat it up!

This one came right up to me as if to say, 


“Well, hello there!”


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