Adventures in Burleson Continued

Yesterday I shared a few photos from a recent PhotoFrenzy to Burleson, Texas. Today I continue in that route as I share a few more.

Sweet Hubby and I were on a hunt. We were on a hunt for fun-finds in the way of old buildings and also good locations for a photo shoot that is coming up for the infamous Aggie Brooks of Artspeak Images. What an amazing photographer! If you aren’t familiar with her and her team, be sure to check out her sites in the previous links.

As we were cruising the backroads, we stumbled upon a “road closed ahead” sign. So what do I do? Instruct Sweet Hubby to please keep driving. After all, there could be all sorts of great treasures down that road and I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to find them. We continued…

At least until we came upon this:

“Hey, let’s go see what’s on the other side of this road,” I exclaimed. But Sweet Hubby was a step ahead and had already looked on the gps to see how to find the other end of the closed road.

As we were approaching the other side, something ran across the road in front of us. It was big! No, it was huge! (Cue music…”Roadrunner, coyote’s after you. Roadrunner, if he catches you you’re through…”) No, we didn’t see a coyote but I just know he was out there somewhere. I could hear the theme song. But what we did see was this, and let me tell you…the picture does not do justice to the size of this thing!

We made it to the other side and lo and behold there was another pile of rocks. I guess the road really is closed.

We wound up and down and back and forth among roads and found some beautiful sites, some of which I shared yesterday. What we didn’t expect was to be transported into a fairy tale. And we were. But was it fact or fantasy?

I’m still not sure!



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