The Year of No Winter in Texas

I’m sitting here in my study and listening to the sounds around me. The ticking of the clock, the cars going down the road and the sounds of lawn mowers, weed eaters and edgers.

All of these sounds are very normal and very regular. Even the lawn equipment. It’s only mid-March yet I realized these sounds have been going on since January.

Normally the sounds of lawn equipment at this time of year would be something that is a welcoming sign of spring, however this year they are a sign that we haven’t had a winter. 

Living in Texas, it’s a rarity that we have a season that most people would consider a true winter, however we do have our fair share of cold temperatures and the occasional snow and even more occasional ice storm. But not this year. We went from fall to spring with nothing in between.

As I was reflecting on the past season that wasn’t, I’m reminded of an event that took place four years ago at this time. I found a few snapshots of  what the view was like from my backyard at that time. I had to prove to myself it really happened.

Do I think it will happen this year? I honestly doubt it. I think this will go down in history as the year of no winter in Texas!

March 2008:

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