My Funny Valentines – Aren’t They Cute?

My parents, as you know if you’ve been around Photos and Facets for a while, have the last name of Valentine. Last year they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on…yes, Valentine’s Day.

I had tried to surprise them by contacting our local (and my favorite) morning news station and asking them if they could mention their anniversary on air. I sent a photo that was taken 50 years earlier by the Fort Worth Star Telegram (it had run on their front page on their wedding day.)

The only problem was that I thought about it too late.

Fast-forward a year. This past Valentine’s Day mom and dad celebrated their 51st. Didn’t think anything about it where the news station was concerned (and did not watch the program that morning.) I found out a few days later that they had made dad their Facebook Friend of the Day, mentioned that he and his wife were celebrating 51 years, and posted the photo. How fun!

A week later the news station contacted mom and asked if she and dad would come to the station and be their Facebook Friend of the Week.

So, here’s the clip of them when they were on live this morning. Sweet Hubby sat in front of the television with his iPhone and recorded it. (Please excuse the quality of the audio.)

Aren’t they cute?


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