Lil’ N

For several years, my “adopted” daughter practically lived with us. She was a part of our family and is truly the only sister that Son knows…still refers to her as his sister to this day!

No, she wasn’t really adopted. She has two of the most caring and loving parents a girl could ask for and they are very dear and special friends. This girl, who I’ll call N, started out by babysitting Son for us and then ended up staying weeks at a time during the summer, going on family vacations with us when we would take VERY LONG car trips, coming over during Christmas holidays and talking many hours on the phone when she went out-of-state to college.

Fast forward a few years (a few too many, too fast, I might add) and now she is grown, married, successful and has a daughter all her own.

I saw the little one a couple of weeks ago, and she is the spittin’ image of her mama.

She is absolutely PRECIOUS! I love that baby! I’ve adopted her, too!

So I’ll call her Lil’ N.

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