So..Just Curious. Downton Abbey – Are You a Fan?

Yesterday I posted about the sad realization that it will be nearly a complete year before my favorite weekly (at least for about six weeks) television show will air its next season. I also shared how the light at the end of the tunnel will come in a few months when I have the opportunity to stalk the locations where the show is filmed. 

So now, I’m curious…how many of you are fans of the British drama that airs in the US on PBS? 

If you want to comment and tell me, please do so. If you’d rather remain anonymous then please complete the poll below.

Again, I’m just curious!


4 thoughts on “So..Just Curious. Downton Abbey – Are You a Fan?

  1. The typical sound heard in my house at the end of each episode…….NOOOOOO!!!!! With the exception of the last which was the sound of weeping. Of course those sounds are from my wife mind you. But, yes I do love it and will miss it. Very jealous of your trip. I have been to England/wales twice. And would go again at any opportunity. Have fun and cant wait to see your photos.


    1. That makes me laugh, Brent! But only bc the same sounds echo at my house. And my hubby is also hooked as well! This will be my first trip there and I am so looking forward to all the photo opportunities – it’s a dream come true! (I have a feeling it won’t be my last based on what I hear from others who have been there. Once is not enough!) Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I understand the sound effects on a Sunday evening of DA! 🙂


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