Duck, Duck, Lucy Goosey

I’m making plans for our trip to England this spring and it’s a little overwhelming.

Not because it’s an international trip, but because I have my list of things I want to do and see, I know what Sweet Hubby wants to do and see, plus two dear friends will be there as well and I’m finding out what they want to do and see.

Arranging and planning is what I do, but when I’m doing it for four people, plus dealing with a place I’m not familiar, customs I’m not familiar with, a tour that is only available certain days, desires for country driving and arranging for rental car for those days in a town (London) that doesn’t want anyone driving and therefore makes it VERY difficult, no parking places at hotels, expensive public parking lots scattered abroad, and the list goes on – well, it’s a little overwhelming.

I realize this will make no sense to most of you, unless  you’ve seen the episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy is planning a trip across the United States for her, Ricky, Ethel and Fred. In that case, you just might get it!

This is kind of how I feel today – leading out into a busy road.

Let’s just call the lead goose, Lucy.


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