Cleaning House Makes Me Think Of…


Well not always, but it did today. Let me explain.

I cleaned house today and decided to light a candle while I cleaned. (I confess…I’m a candleholic!)

It quickly fragranced the entire house – both downstairs (where it sits) and upstairs. Smells SO GOOD!

It made me think of Kris.

Kris works at B&BW and blessed me with a surprise box of candles.

I took this iPhone photo for her:

As I was finishing up and putting away my cleaning supplies I realized I had not set anything out for dinner. Knowing I didn’t want to spend much time in the kitchen after cleaning all day, I decided to whip up a quick salad.

When I opened up the fridge – my eyes gravitated toward a big jar of spanish olives. Yum!

This made me think of Lisa and Charla.

Lisa and Charla can’t stand the look, smell, texture, THOUGHT of olives.

This picture is for them.

Olive ya, girls. Really I do!


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