When Peacocks Fly!

So yes, I may be slow or “outta the know” but I had NO IDEA that peacocks fly! All I’ve ever seen them do is walk around, strutting and occasionally showing their train.

We were heading home from Austin and there were three things on my TripIt plan that had not been marked off. Two were scheduled for this particular day, on our way home. Another was on the list from the prior day. We had planned to visit Mayfield Park, just on the outskirts of downtown Austin, on Saturday. But stumbling across the crime scene at Barton Springs, made us stay longer than we had originally planned. (Oh, I didn’t tell you about that exciting encounter? Well, I will just have to do that…later.)

I had chalked off the visit to Mayfield Park for another time and another trip to Austin when we somehow ended up on that side of town. We had just eaten a wonderful breakfast at the original Magnolia Cafe (one of the things on my TripIt list for that day) and decided to drive around a bit looking at the neighborhoods. We were about to head out of town when I realized we were only a few blocks away from the park. Being one who likes to check everything off the list, I asked Sweet Hubby if we could at least drive through and see what it was all about to know if we wanted to visit another time. Of course he did! So we headed to the park to drive through it.

Once arriving, we took it a step further…stepped out of the car. “Let’s just walk up to the entrance and see what is there, then we will head out.” An hour later we get back in the car to continue on our journey.

However, not before seeing the flocks of peacocks that live at the park. It’s an interesting place and a beautiful one at that! If you are ever in Austin, make a stop to see the peacocks and walk the trails. We did not take time on this trip to walk the trails or it would have been a couple of hours more. We WILL make a visit back the next time we are in town! For more information, visit: Mayfield Park.

We saw numerous peacocks walking around the grounds. We heard peacocks making their very loud calls. Have you ever noticed how these beautiful birds are quite noisy and their calls sound like they are saying “Help Me”?

What I wasn’t prepared for were the peacocks in the trees! I spotted one just above where I was standing (and moved quickly – one place ya don’t wanna be standing is directly under a peacock, if you know what I mean.) I had my camera poised on him and was asking Sweet Hubby how they get up in the trees like that when I received my answer.

They fly!

10 thoughts on “When Peacocks Fly!

    1. Nope, had no idea. I guess I’m not around them very much. They were all in the trees and on the roof. They are EVERYWHERE out there – in flocks! So beautiful!


    1. Yes, they are…both beautiful and BIG!!! (Especially when you realize there is one directly over your head. All you can do then is pray and move quickly!)


  1. Oh my! I grew up on an island near Seattle with a large peacock population. My sisters and I would collect their discarded feathers, hear their mournful screeches constantly and see them now and then. Never had I seen them in flight! How beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pix 🙂


  2. Another thing that I learned is about their “train”. I’m not sure I’d heard that term applied to peacocks before. Great post!


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