Passing By

Last Saturday, we were looking for a place to park so we could enjoy the Lady Bird Lake Trail in Austin. Parking wasn’t quite as accessible as we had expected, so we drove up W Cesar Chavez St, then turned around and headed back down. It just so happened that I had my window down and camera in hand.

I have no idea which bridge this is crossing over the lake. (Maybe you do?)

I grabbed this shot as we were passing by:


2 thoughts on “Passing By

  1. I’m pretty sure this is the Lamar St. bridge. I thought I had a picture of it but turns out I only have one taken *on* the bridge:

    Panorama of Austin Skyline From Lamar Street

    Here are some of my buddy’s shots of that bridge (#4 on his list shows the bridge, #3 are shots taken from on the bridge)


    1. Mike, thank you. I had wondered if that is the one, based on a map I looked at, but wasn’t positive. I’ve always admired your work and appreciate you sharing. We returned again this weekend and so was able to get a few more. (Austin two weekends in a row – I could get used to that.) Hope to process them this week and share. I haven’t attempted indoors HDR just yet, call me chicken – I just need to do it. LOVE your Driskell indoor shot. Beautiful!


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