Dime Box, Texas?

I’ve lived in Texas most of my life, yet I’ve never heard of a town called Dime Box. Not until last Sunday, that is.

After leaving Austin, we decided to drive by way of Bastrop to Bryan and then head north towards home. We enjoy taking long back-roads drives instead of the boring highway. Besides, I had two missions to accomplish in this route.

The first mission was to drive through Bastrop. If you recall from my posts last summer, we had a record-breaking heat wave and drought. The Lone Star State also broke another record. The most fires at one time and Bastrop, Texas took the brunt of that record. The last report I could find said that in Bastrop County alone, there were nearly 40,000 acres and more than 800 structures destroyed. Seeing we were so close to this small town, I wanted to drive through on our way to Bryan. (My mission in going to Bryan was to see if I could locate the garbage truck that has one of my photos on the side of it. We found the grounds where it is housed, but didn’t see the truck. After all, it was a Sunday.)

The devastation was terrific – in the bad sense. And that was only what we spotted off the highway without driving through the neighborhoods. Trees were burnt to a crisp and then you’d see the occasional chimney sticking up with nothing else around, except for a few foundations. To think these were once people’s homes was beyond imaginable. I will say this: the small, old town square looks great! It appears to be one of few old towns that thrive. It’s definitely a place I’d like to go back and stay a weekend.

After leaving the area we headed towards Bryan. And that is when we saw it…a sign saying we had entered Dime Box.


I quickly looked it up on my Roadside America app, and sure enough, there it was listed as an oddity – along with a picture of the towns monument, a giant dime in a box. We turned the car around, drove to the heart of Dime Box, Texas.

This is what we found…


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