Yesterday I posted a survey to help me define my focus in 2012 here on Photos and Facets.

I’m going to post the same one again today so that perhaps more of you will take a moment to complete the anonymous survey, seeing there were only 12 votes.

I say it’s anonymous – and it is – unless you post an option of “other” and in that space make the suggestion of Weebles. Seeing that suggestion, I know it could only come from one. My very witty and clever Bloggin’ Buddy, Harvey of the one and only Harvey Millican:Raising Your Kids Without Lowering Your IQ blog. It could not have come from anyone else. At least, it’s highly unlikely.

Well, Harv, if I’m gonna post about Weebles, I guess I’ll need to adopt a few. But then again, you do such a good job with your Weeble Family and I’m quite certain Weeble Debbi is keeping everyone in line, that I’m not sure it is necessary.

But I’ll think about it.

Hmmm…OK…we shall see.

But for now everyone, please take a moment to complete the survey below. And if you, too, would like to see more Weebles from Photos and Facets, add it in “other.”  It will remain anonymous. 😉

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and blessings on you all!
~ Debbi

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