Photographic Accomplishments for 2011 – REVISED!

After publishing this post yesterday (due to reflecting over the last year’s photographic accomplishments) I sent an email to the graphic designer who had contacted me about using my photo for a commercial vehicle. I just asked if the project had been cancelled or completed, since I had not heard any more about it.

This morning I received a reply along with this photo…

(This is the original that was taken in Ennis during the annual Bluebonnet Trail:)

So if you are ever in the Bryan, Texas area on a collection day keep an eye out for that truck and grab a photo of it for me. Hmm, I think I’d like to see it in action. I think I sense a PhotoFrenzy coming up!

Let Your Light Shine,


(original post from January 2, 2012)

In reflecting over the last year and all the accomplishments we made personally, I am reminded that I had a few photographic accomplishments as well.

These accomplishments came as complete and utter surprises to me – meaning, I didn’t work to achieve them. Rather, they came as blessings from the Lord. (I truly believe that 2012 holds many more surprises and blessings in many different areas for all of us! You included! Do you believe that? Let’s expect great things and be amazed as they unfold!)

One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is the fact that I am creating a journal of my life. So as I record these things, it’s not as much for you, as it is for me…my record.

Here are the few photographic accomplishments I experienced in 2011:

  • A number of my photos were published in the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce brochure (along with a few of my dad’s. Having photos in a publication along with his, is a big deal to me!)
  • An acrylic display was created from one of my photos and is now hanging in a McDonalds Restaurant in Rhome, TX.
  • An artist in Italy is using some of my photos as inspiration for drawings that are being created into art crafts. (I should have an example around February – thanks Anna!)
  • I was approached about using a photo for a commercial vehicle (although after giving approval, I’ve not heard anything more. Not sure if the project is still in progress or not.)
  • Did my first family photo shoot and am very pleased with not only how the photos turned out, but also the learning experience!
  • Submitted registration for Trade Marks of both Photos and Facets and Debbi Robertson Photography.
  • Registered Debbi Robertson Photography with the county as a”dba” for business purposes.

These may not be huge things for most, but considering this is only a “little hobby” I’m quite pleased with the accomplishments. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what exciting things are in store for 2012!


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