2011, Week 52 – The End from the Beginning

For the final FotoFriday52 of 2011, I’ve decided to go back to the beginning.

I started this FotoFriday52 project (posting one photo a week for 52 weeks of the year) two years ago. I had just picked up my first DSLR a few short months earlier and wanted a way to help myself to stay focused, grow and learn in my newfound hobby. I knew if I committed to at least a weekly challenge – even if it was my own – that I’d be more likely to continue in my quest of photography. And it worked!

Now two years later, I can honestly say that making certain I pick up my camera is not something that takes much thought. I just do it! So with that said, I’ve made the decision to not continue with a weekly project for 2012. I’m still considering taking on another post-a-day challenge (even if WordPress doesn’t initiate it, I may initiate my own) and therefore do not feel I have need of continuing with the FotoFriday52 project.

For the final submission of FotoFriday52 I’m sharing the one that started it all. It was the first photo I posted for the project.

It was simply called, Tea!


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