Santa Strikes Again!

I don’t have a photo to post today, although I really wish I did! You’ll understand what I mean in a bit.

Sweet Hubby and I went out to enjoy this time of year by walking through one of our many local malls. We haven’t walked through a mall in a very long time…like years! My Christmas shopping is all done but we wanted to get out and enjoy the atmosphere without the pressures of having to find that perfect gift – just enjoy walking hand-in-hand through the crowds listening to Christmas music and sharing the occasional “Merry Christmas” with total strangers. It was fun!

Afterwards, we decided to try a new restaurant (for us that is. The actual restaurant has been around for years and years.) While we were eating, I noticed Sweet Hubby grinning his sweet smile to someone behind me. And then again. And again. I finally couldn’t take the suspense any longer and turned to see an adorable little girl about two years old with a grin that went from ear to ear. She looked at me and smiled but then her eyes went back to looking at my Sweet Hubby and when hers caught his, her smile was transformed into a full on ear-to-ear grin with eyes that sparkled like diamonds. Every time she would look at him, it was the same thing, and he returned the same look to her.  (I SO wish I had been brave enough to ask her parents if I could take a picture of her with my phone. But I didn’t. I should have!)

When she and her mommy and daddy got up to leave, she walk past us and stood there with that sparkled-eye smile as she stared at Sweet Hubby. He returned his same sparkly smile back to her. She glanced at me and then return to her mesmerized state of staring and smiling at Sweet Hubby.

That’s when it hit me!

She thinks he is Santa. And you know…with the sweetness of his eyes looking at her with such love and emotion, I saw Santa, too!

And then Santa took me shopping for me…

And I grinned from ear to ear with eyes that sparkled.

Santa strikes again!


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