A Celebration of Life and Knowing God is Good!

I was sent the link below by a very special friend this morning. This special friend is the sister-in-law of my BBF (Best Blogging Friend) Harvey Millican. It is a blog post written by his sister.

Life doesn’t begin at the first moment our eyes can see a newborn. No, it begins at conception. That is just the way God made it. When he gave us the command to “go forth and multiple…,” the multiplication process doesn’t begin at the first cry of a newborn baby that we witness with our ears. No, it begins at the time that one man and one woman create another human being. If the egg and sperm do not intertwine and connect, if the egg isn’t fertilized, then there is no creation. However, once the egg is fertilized then at that moment new life begins.  Things that are not alive cannot grow! So if growth is happening (and we all know by looking at a pregnant woman’s belly) then we know there is a little human being formed and living inside. I don’t get why or how there can be any question about that!

In this post you will see and understand, not only the strength of this writer as a woman of God who sees the good in Him at all times – (Just as He should be seen – God REALLY is good all the time! If good happens, it’s of God. If bad happens, it’s of the devil. Jesus came to bring life and life abundantly. He is not the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10) – but also how real life-at-conception is.

I will warn you…you may want to have tissues handy!

All the Time, God Is Good

As you may remember if you’ve been reading mine or my brother’s blog recently, you may remember that my affirmation that, despite everything that life has to throw at you, God is good. I have to say it once again, because yesterday morning, I buried my daughter.

continue… Life at Le. Rheims: All the Time, God Is Good.


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