2011, Week 48 – Enough is Enough!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing photos I took of my brother and his family. He asked if I would come and do their family photos and I agreed. I haven’t seen my niece and nephews much in the last several months (and they live only an hour away) so I was thrilled to have the opportunity.

We took a number of shots of the entire family and then decided to take a little break, let the kids feed the horses and then we somehow were able to gather them up again. This time I wanted to get some individual photos of them as well as different groupings.

Everyone was such a good sport and held out – and we even managed to get all the different ones we had hoped to capture without meltdowns. We witnessed a miracle!

Of course the youngest of the bunch, Sammy, was the first one to show signs of “enough is enough!” as you can see from this week’s FotoFriday52.

It has become my favorite photo of all!

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