Photo Shoot Fun with My Favorite Four!

Yesterday I had a very fun photo shoot. It was a special photo shoot because it was with my favorite four.

My favorite four niece and nephews.

I received a text last week from my favorite (and only) brother buttering me up (brothers are good like that.) He asked if I’d come do a family shoot for them some time soon while there are still leaves on the trees. And of course I said, “yes!”

I haven’t had a lot of experience photographing people – as you can tell, I primarily focus on landscape and old structures. But I love to get practice and who better to practice on, but my family?

So I spent a couple of hours dragging them across their acreage to different locations I had scouted out when I first arrived. I’m really hoping I captured some good shots as I haven’t even looked through 400 plus yet. In the few I have, I’m already noticing some things I need to do different “next time.” After all, this was practice, right? And I’m learning.

I am quite certain you will see a number of photos of my wonderful family over the next few days (and weeks, perhaps) and I just ask that you have mercy on me.  Please, graciously give me  your advice and suggestions on areas I need to improve for the future. Remember, I’m always learning but this is one particular area of photography that I need all the help I can get!

One of the first I captured and definitely the first I’ve processed…my favorite four:


2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot Fun with My Favorite Four!

  1. This is a superb capture of 4 precious, beautiful, very active Granddarlings! 🙂 You have a true gift in all of your photography, but I can see you really going far and being prosperous in your ‘people’ photography! You have that special ‘something’ it takes to capture the character and ‘true’ person or persons! Can’t wait to see more! ♡


  2. Wonderful! Emma’s beauty really shows here and Zachary looks almost as tall as Emma. Jake and Sammy look their natural mischievous selves!


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