2011, Week 46 – The Long Road Back

This particular road is one that Lisa and I visit each year when we are in Seymour, Missouri. It has become one of our favorites!

There are so many things about this road that we enjoy:

  • It’s very narrow. Really room for only one car (or buggy) at a time. Good thing there isn’t much traffic.
  • It’s very wooded. Both sides of the road you see nothing but trees, and in the fall, trees that have beautiful, colored leaves falling down on you.
  • It’s steep. It runs down and then up a hill. Combine that with woods on either side and it adds adventure.
  • It has pigs. Yes, pigs! The road runs next to a farm and this farm has pigs. Pigs on the hilly, wooded side of the road.
  • It has a farm. And not just any farm. An Amish farm! Once we reach the top of the hill, through the woods and past the pigs, we are greeted to a typical (and wonderful) Amish farm – complete with Amish laundry.

I took this photo when we had stopped just before going up the steep incline to grab a few shots of the pigs. (Maybe I’ll post them later.) For today’s FotoFriday52, this is The Long Road Back!


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