School Days of Yesteryear – Varvel

Today I share with you the last of the old schoolhouses in my School Days of Yesteryear series. If you missed any, you can start at the beginning here.

This one is most definitely my favorite!

I like everything about it.

  • I like how it was down a pitted, dirt road you would never take unless you knew the area or were determined to find an old schoolhouse on a treasure hunt, like we were.
  • I like how it sat up on a small hill at the end of a little gravel drive that was mostly covered with brush, foliage and leaves that had recently fallen.
  • I like how it was surrounded by glorious colors of a typical Autumn in Missouri.
  • I like how it was still standing and you could walk up the concrete stairs to take a peek inside.
  • I like how you could envision the days of yesteryear and hear the children playing and the teacher hollerin’.

This beauty is the old Varvel Schoolhouse and it wraps up the end of the trail on our journey. I sure hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


4 thoughts on “School Days of Yesteryear – Varvel

  1. Cool shots of a neat old building! It’s interesting how the first shot has a very different feel than the last one. I used to prefer sharp, detailed images like the first one. Lately, I’ve been leaning more to more dreamy images, like the last one. If the difference due to depth of field or did you use Topaz? Niecly done!


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