School Days of Yesteryear – Oak Grove

Winding down the rural dirt and gravel roads, on the trail to find old schoolhouses in southern Missouri, was like a treasure hunt. We would search for the next one on our list not knowing if it would still be standing or be a pile of ruins. There were a couple on our list that we never located – most likely due to their nonexistence after years and years of weather and perhaps vandals.

The one I’m sharing today was different from all the others due to the fact it is still in use. Its doors are still opened at least once a week and there is still teaching going on, but from a pulpit instead of at the blackboard. You see, the Oak Grove School is now a church.

One of the reasons I liked this one was due to the old playground equipment on the property. By today’s standards, I’m sure these would be deemed unsafe. However, I spent many years playing on equipment just like this (now, I’m really dating myself!) As a matter of fact, Lisa and I took a spin for old times sake. And let me tell you…it’s as much fun today – to hold on for dear life and get off walking like an old drunk – as it was a few short years ago in my own childhood!

Tomorrow we will wrap up this series of the School Days of Yesteryear with my absolute favorite one of all!

Y’all come back now, y’hear?


4 thoughts on “School Days of Yesteryear – Oak Grove

  1. Some more wonderful images! It’s interesting, if I remember correctly, all of your school images are in great early morning light with really nice long shadows. I guess since it’s fall, the angle of the sun makes the good light last longer. Did you do post processing to bring out the light and shadows?


    1. Thank you Priscilla!

      Many were taken in the morning but this one was mid afternoon. The sky was very interesting that day. Started with puffy white clouds, then went to overcast, then back to clear skies. You can tell which school had overcast by the lack of light and color in the photo. The one that had fallen down was during that period (along with being in a forest covered area.) Yes, the light was really good for most of the day. It was a cool, brisk, fall day so the sunlight was in our favor for most. Seems that fall days and cool temps do produce a different light than other seasons.

      The photo of this school/church and one other from the Murr collection, I used LR to lighten the front of the building some due to the dark shadows at that angle. I also did process a few of them in HDR to bring out all I could. To me, the processing is as much fun as the find and the shoot. Every step of photography and post processing is a challenge. These types of challenges I like! 🙂


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