School Days of Yesteryear – Cope

The next few days I am going to share photos from a series I’m calling School Days of Yesteryear. You see, my PhotoFrenzy-Friend, her hubby and I took a day to chase down the old schoolhouse Trail. No, that isn’t really a trail – or wasn’t until we created it.

Lisa had spent one evening tracking down as many old schoolhouses as she could find via Flickr, Google and miscellaneous websites, within a certain area of the state. The next day, my job was to drive the dirt and gravel roads while her job was navigating. What a great team we are! (Her hubby’s job was to sit quietly in the backseat, occasionally nap and hand us sesame sticks when needed. What a great job he did!)

As we chased the trail, we’d stop and take photos of each one we could find. I will share them with you over the next few days and will do my best to post the names. If I’m incorrect, Lisa will let me know. She’s good like that!

The first one on our list was the old Cope school. I hope you enjoy!

You can tell in the photo below, just how fragile the old building is by the way it is leaning back. It felt like a big gust of wind would blow it down for sure. 

(I’ll post a few more of this one in the coming days before moving on to the next. Each angle has so much character!)


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