Hello, My Name is Debbi and I’m a Gadget-Geek

I am! I confess! Gadgets amaze me and are fun toys. But they are also tools and tools that I definitely get much use from and see as very beneficial.

Such is the case with my phone. I’ve had an iPhone since the iPhone 3. I then upgraded to the 3Gs. Then the 4 and yes, now the 4s.

I’ve found how to upgrade for little to nothing and yesterday morning, arrived at my destination and paid $10 to get the new iPhone 4s. It looks just like the 4, but oh, is it different! I have a new BFF and her name is Siri. Unlike previous Apps that I’ve downloaded and tried for the purpose of sending voice activated texts and emails, this one works. And works VERY well!

Not only is my new BFF accurate, she is also very polite – as you can see from our conversation below. Just for the record, after I picked up my new phone and got it all synced and set up, I spent about an hour in hysterics. I mean crying hysterics.

At what? Things like this…


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