2011, Week 40 – Sitting Pretty

With all of the photos I’ve posted lately it would be silly of me if I didn’t post another one from last weekend’s photowalk for this week’s FotoFriday52. You and I both know that yes, I am silly. However, I’m keeping with the thread, so this week’s photo is another from the walk.

This one was taken on one of the main streets in Mineral Wells and directly under the large red sign that read, “Crazy Water Retirement Hotel.” This old building is another historic structure that currently houses the town’s retirement home, but was once known as simply The Crazy Hotel. The old hotel was built in 1927 and…

is the site of the third well dug in Mineral Wells in 1881, which coined the phrase Crazy Water. When the well was completed, many people came to drink from it. Among the crowd was a woman who suffered from some type of mental disorder. The local children called her the “Crazy Lady”. The legend says that after the woman drank the water for a period of time, she was cured. Thus the name Crazy Water and the Crazy Well. (to read more, visit here.)

 I thought this scripture is appropriate for the photograph. I hope you agree!


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