Second of Fourth: Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk – Part 1

This past weekend, Scott Kelby (Mr Photoshop) held the Fourth Annual Worldwide Photowalk. It was my second one to attend and what a blast it was!

For the second year in a row, I walked the streets of Mineral Wells, Texas. There is so much history and mystique in that little town – how could I not go back?! And besides, when I heard that Peter Talke was going on this walk and seeing that I’ve secretly been following his photos and blog for a while now (along with a handful of others from the Austin area), I just had to go! *Note to self: you never know who is secretly following your work, so always be nice. Me? Not nice? Not possible, right?

OK, back to my story…

I was originally going to be out-of-town on the weekend of the photowalk and was not having success at finding one in the area where I’d be visiting. As soon as my plans changed, I made certain to sign up for the Mineral Wells walk. And I’m so glad that I did!

To begin, I took my PhotoFrenzy Friend, Karlie with me. She is such a joy to hang out with! We had so much fun, including sitting in an empty parking lot as we waited for the others. And waited. And waited. The map from the website directed us to the corner of NW 1st and NW 2nd. We arrived straight up 8am – the time of the meeting. There were about 28 other people signed up for this walk and we couldn’t imagine that EVERYONE but us was running late. We finally got smart and decided to drive around. If nothing else, we’d do the walk by ourselves. That would be just fine with us, but how could everyone be so late? Ha!

After taking a drive around town, we discovered another corner of  NW 1st and NW 2nd, two blocks away. And this time the lot was full of cars. We parked and walked towards the infamous Baker Hotel.

As we approached, we saw others of our kind. Meaning, they had cameras hanging around their necks, tripods set up, all eyes up – yep, we were home. And we made ourselves at home by joining in with the snaps and clicks of the music we were there to play.

If you’ve never had an opportunity to visit the Baker Hotel, it’s a must! That old place has so much history and so many stories that all you have to do is a search in your favorite search engine and all sorts of links come up – from past, present and future. Just being on the grounds gives you a sense of going back in time. You can almost hear the voices and the music playing from that era.

(Seeing this is going a little long, I’m going to stop here and finish up tomorrow.)

Here are a few of the first of many photos that I took that day:

Looking up at the Baker Hotel from the backside.

Walkway of the Baker facing the pool area.

The old walking bridge leading to the pool area from the hotel.

No lifeguard on duty today. What is left of the old pool.


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