My Day at Alliance Airport via Instagram

I missed church today. It was planned that way.

Sweet Hubby was out of the country last week and when he is working like that, let’s just say he doesn’t get much sleep. He arrived home yesterday evening and was asleep on the couch within an hour of unpacking. An hour after that, I gently woke him and directed his sleep-walking body to the bed. He continued to sleep for 12 hours.

Knowing this would  most likely be the scenario, we had arranged to sleep in this morning. And so we did.

Once waking, we made a trip to a local little restaurant called Snooty Pig for breakfast (although it was really lunch time.) Yep, that’s the name. We often refer to it as “Stuck-up Swine.” It sits next to Alliance Airport.

On our way we saw the Farmers blimp landing at the airport, so we decided to follow. (The following photos were shot with my iPhone and processed with Instagram.)

After watching this big balloon land, we went on to breakfast (lunch) as I was on the edge. I get that way sometimes.

We filled our bellies with yummy goodness and decided to drive back out the two blocks to where the blimp had landed. We arrived just in time to see it land again, and then take off. It is actually pretty amazing. They were giving rides. FUN! (No, we didn’t ride.)

In leaving the area, we decided to cruise through the airport area as we had never taken time before. You know how it is…you live five minutes from a place, yet never visit. We’ve lived literally five minutes from this place since it was built and yet, we have never taken time to delve into the depths. We did today.

And in doing so, we discovered a wonderful little area called Freedom Plaza – an Honor Guard Memorial. It’s a very nice place. One that we had no idea was there. A very nice surprise! Across the road from the sculptures is the perfect place to sit and watch airplanes take off and land (when they are doing so.)

Today we just saw a few military trainers sitting on the tarmac waiting for their leaders. Maybe another day we can see them move.

I want to challenge you. Get out and see what you have five minutes from your home that you have never visited. You just might be surprised.


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