2011, Week 38 – A Quick Shot of a Storm Brewing

If you have listened to the news at all, you know that Texas has experienced the worst drought in our history. We’ve had a record number of fires, homes lost along with the most 100 plus degree temperatures on record. Heat with no rain leaves a dry, parched land. So you can imagine how excited we are these days to see clouds building to produce rain.

That is what happened on Monday evening. My Sweet Hubby was downstairs and I was up when I heard his voice telling me to grab my camera and come down to look out the backyard. I knew it had to be something of a sight for him to beckon me with such urgency.

Once making it down the stairs and out the backdoor, I saw a beautiful view! A storm brewing in the east. What a gorgeous sight it was, so I grabbed a quick shot or two. The sky was full of color as the sun setting cast just the right lights on the building storm.

As I was going through my RSS feeds of blogs I follow, I came across a post by a fellow-photographer who is very talented at creating textures and such. He had just put out a new set of masks along with a quick example of how he used it. I figured this photo would be a good one to test it on. (If you are not familiar with this artist, be sure to check out ShadowHouse Creations!)

I did a very simple process with this photo and left the mask as-is to give the image a very grunge look for this week’s FotoFriday52. I hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend and let’s continue to pray for rain!


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