What is Up, AT&T?

Today’s post is a little out of the ordinary for me. I don’t usually voice my opinions or thoughts in this type of media – at least ones that do not pertain to photography, weight loss or the Word of God. There are many, many, MANY blog sites out in the big ol’ World Wide Web that devote their entire site to stating opinions, and that is great. But that isn’t typically me!

But today, it is! I’ve had enough! I’m ready to speak my mind?

It doesn’t matter what your thoughts are on politics, religion, human race, sexuality, even morals, I think the thoughts and opinions I’m about to share will find most everyone in agreement. Whether  you’ve noticed or not.

And that thought is: Why is AT&T airing commercials that promote the destruction of family? Isn’t our society already experiencing enough of that as it is with the evidence in the numbers of divorces, teen suicides, murders, etc.?

Have you noticed? If you are like me and watch network TV as opposed to cable, then maybe you have. And maybe you’ve seen it but haven’t noticed or paid attention. Maybe you run pass the commercials with your digital recorder – if so, good!

What I’m referring to are two commercials that have aired a good bit the last couple of months or so.

  • One is a husband and wife. The husband does something that annoys the wife (although it turns out to be for her benefit) and she mumbles under her breath, “I should have married so-in-so” and names another man’s name.
  • The other is a family of four – the mom, dad, pretty little girl and cutie-pie little boy. The mom and dad are discussing, in the children’s presence, which is their favorite child. They say, “On the count of three, name your favorite…one, two, three…” and they both name the pretty little girl.

Does anyone else see this as promoting family destruction?

And what is the point?

How does that sell phones, phone service or internet?


Is it just me or does something seem really wrong about this? Thoughts?

(And I refuse to link the commercials here for you to view if you haven’t seen them. You are better off if you haven’t!)


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