2011, Week 37 – Memories of the Old Hodgson Mill

This week’s edition of FotoFriday52 continues on with the theme I seem to have been on this past week. If you have been following along for several days, you have read this already (over and over and over again and probably ready for me to move on) – last Sunday marked the two year anniversary of receiving my first DSLR camera.

Although I’ve owned a camera of some sort (and still have the majority of those in my husband’s camera collection) nearly all my life, it wasn’t until two years ago that I went from shooting snapshots to the art of photography. To commemorate such a joyous event this past week, I’ve been sharing photos from my first trip with that camera. Why on earth would I stop now – today being FotoFriday52day? Well, that is simple…I wouldn’t!

Let me tell you about all of the wonderful memories I have of this photo:

  • It was taken in Missouri with my BFF-PhotoFrenzy Friend, Lisa, her hubby and daughter.
  • We had been driving all around southern Missouri looking for old mills.
  • It had recently rained a tremendous amount and therefore we saw many signs of the flooding.
  • There was an unusual amount of mud. Thick, deep, yucky mud everywhere.
  • The stepping-stones leading to this mill were slippery, going up…
  • and down as was evident in the above mentioned friend sliding down the stones in slow motion and landing on her keister!
  • After seeing that she and her camera were just fine, we all broke out in hysterics and I took a number of photos of her mud-covered keister (which I will spare you today.)
As you can tell I have WONDERFUL memories of this place! 
(This photo was processed using Lightroom 3, PS CS5, a layer of Topaz Adjust, a layer of Topaz Simplify, two copies of Kim Klassen Cafe’s newest texture, titled Thursday and one copy of Kim’s CrackerJack texture.)
Happy weekend everyone! Now go out and make your own wonderful memories.  

One thought on “2011, Week 37 – Memories of the Old Hodgson Mill

  1. And, I’m the friend to who’s keister she is referring. And I too have wonderful memories of that mill and that trip. Looking forward to doing it all over again, and then some, in a few weeks. Amish people of Seymour…put your smiles on…here we come.


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