Doesn’t Do, But Did!

Today I was introduced to another Blog site that I had not come across before. I was introduced by my friend Priscilla, a wonderful photographer and sister in the Lord.  She told me about Kim Klassen Cafe and her Texture Tuesday. I’m surprised I hadn’t come across Kim’s blog before since she is one of the contributors to another site that I follow.

Seeing that I thoroughly enjoy using textures in creating my art, I quickly went to visit and sign up to receive the textures on a weekly basis (and you can, too!) I decided to go ahead and get involved in this week’s challenge – why wait, right?

This week’s theme is Do. Since I’ve been going back through my Missouri photos from 2009 (to celebrate the two-year anniversary of being bit by the DSLR Shutterbug,) I figured I’d look for something in that file. That’s where I came across this photo and decided to use my new textures to make a Creative Attempt.

Although this old water wheel doesn’t Do any longer, it once did!


(Edit: At the suggestion of a commenter, I’m adding the original SOOC image so you can compare.)


12 thoughts on “Doesn’t Do, But Did!

  1. very noticeable differences. I’m always intrigue by how people edit their photos. I like seeing the before and after. to see not only the changed but the unchanged also. I thought the blue on the wheel was not in the original but now I see that it a solid wall and not the sky.


    1. Funny thing is…after I finished it, I noticed the blue and went back to my original to see what it looked like before. So, I know exactly what you are talking about! 🙂


  2. I really LOVE this! You did a fantastic job. This wasn’t an easy texture to work with, although I love it, you just have to have the “right” photo to use it on and you really did have the exact photo for it to perform it’s magic! Just beautiful, it reminds me of an old place like this back home.


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