Back in Time

As I shared in yesterday’s post, this week marks the two year anniversary of receiving my first DSLR camera. It was just two short years ago when I went from taking snapshots (I’ve had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember) to enjoying the art of photography.

I’ve learned that photography really is an art. Whether it is composing and shooting in order to capture the right image or processing the RAW file to develop the finished product, there is a certain amount of art that comes from producing photographs. And for me, I enjoy the processing end as much as producing the beginning image.

This photograph is another one that I captured two years ago while traveling to Missouri with my camera – the first trip I took after receiving it. I just recently went through my hard drive to look for photos that maybe I had overlooked, when I found this one. It is an old barn, or what remains of it, on a rural road in southern Missouri.

I duplicated the file twice in order to lower and raise the exposure and run it through Photomatix Pro to produce an HDR file. I then made a few tweaks in Lightroom and then into PS CS5 to use the Topaz Adjust plug-in.

This is the final result of the old barn that truly takes us back in time. 


3 thoughts on “Back in Time

  1. That’s my Daughter! 🙂 Beautiful work, you are truly gifted with not only the photography, but also with the processing! Yes, photography is an art and just like the famous artists of the past, we all see things differently, but they each are beautiful and priceless! ♡


  2. This is a great photograph! I appreciate how you discuss taking ONE photo and changing the exposure on it because you hadn’t done the usual auto-exposure bracketing that’s called for with HDR. Now I want to play with some old photos!


    1. I truly enjoy being able to do that. I have a number of older photos that would make great HDR subjects, however I didn’t shoot them bracketed. This makes it easy to go “back in time.” 🙂


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