Remember the Days After

Yes, I remember exactly where I was 10 years ago watching on the television as the uncertainty of life’s future was enfolding in front of me. I remember the phone call I received waking me telling me to turn on the TV, just after the first plane hit. Everyone was talking about the “accident” and then…I remember the phone call I made and who I was talking to when the second plane hit. And then we knew. It as no accident.

It’s a very vivid memory. Just like I am sure it is for every other American that day, September 11, 2001. But what do I remember as vividly as watching the towers fall to the ground – each floor lowering to the next like a domino effect? I remember the days after.

In such a horrendous time in life, for the first time ever I experienced something unknown to me in my lifetime. The feeling of unity among complete strangers – black, white, hispanic, asian, male, female, young, old and in between. It felt like family. It felt nice. It was comforting. It was as if everyone had put down all differences, released all grudges, loved one another. Everyone was nice to each other. People waved passing on the streets, even highways. It was the way it should be!

And now, 10 years later – what do we have? Only memories of the days after.

Let’s bring back that feeling of unity, of family, of friendliness.

It can happen if we all make an effort.

Will you?


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