Don’t Wear White When Juicing!

Yes, I realize that is quite an odd title for a post coming from me. But let me explain…

The other day I received a notification that one of my bloggin’ friend’s rss feeds had changed. I hadn’t seen Li’l Bytes’ posts in quite some time and when I saw the rss feed change notification, I went searching for her. I found her (although I couldn’t get her new feed to work for me) and read through a couple of her latest posts.

She focuses on techy things and often does reviews of dvds, movies, games, etc. She mentioned a movie she had recently watched on Netflix and did a quick review. I watched the trailer on her site and suddenly had this urge to find the movie for myself.

The movie is actually a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. After finding and watching it, my desire to juice was intensified. How can something be intensified when it isn’t there to begin with? I don’t know, but it was. I’ve never juiced (in the true sense) other than making some fruit and veggie smoothies (which I’ve since learned is NOT the same thing.) Regardless I had an immediate, intense desire to juice. (If you watch the movie for yourself, you will understand why.)

I knew in order to be successful on this thing called a Reboot, I’d need help. I’d need the help of Sweet Hubby. It’s pretty radical and I know if we are both in the same boat, we can stay afloat and reach dry land. If one jumps in, the other jumps in, too. Then we both end up wet! OK, so yeah that was a pretty far-fetch analogy, but bottom-line…I need to have him watch the movie – that will do it!

When I suggested it, he shot me down. Cold! He had no interest in seeing it. Period.

OUCH! How am I going to do it without him? The next day I approached him again. This time he softened and agreed to watch. And just as I had suspected, he was ready to Reboot, too!

I’ve learned quite a great deal in the last three days about juicing, but I have much more to grasp.

One thing I have learned just this morning while standing in front of my juicer? Don’t wear white when juicing!


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