Texas: Prayers Requested!

Yesterday was the first day of relief from the overwhelming heat. For months we’ve had 100 plus degree temperatures. Yesterday a “cold front” came through and has cooled us off. It was actually only 65° when we woke up this morning and hit a high of a whopping 83°.

Where the neighboring states east of us have felt the effects of Hurricane Lee with flooding and drenching rains, we’ve had something else. 

The problem that Texas is facing at this moment is wildfires. For more than a week, there has been a raging fire somewhere in Texas. This year alone, we’ve had more out-of-control fires than we’ve ever had. Remember hearing of the wildfires in California? Well, that is what this is like.

Last night I watched my feed on Facebook be overtaken with posts regarding fires. Some from people I know. Others from the Texas Storm Chasers page. It’s terrible! At last report a fire in Bastrop, which is southeast of Austin, has lost 476 homes. All of Bastrop is evacuated and considering the size of this small town, to lose so many homes means a majority.

I’m asking for prayer. Prayer for our state. Prayer for our neighbors in other areas. There are so many fires burning at the moment that I can’t keep up. Thankfully, none close to us, but we have family and friends all over and I’m asking for prayer for them. And for strangers. And for the firefighters and volunteers.

Please! Please pray!

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Thank  you!

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