From Mess to Masterpiece? Muenster Wind Farm – (Masterpiece?)

As you saw in the last post (From Mess to Masterpiece?), the Mess was a photo shot out of the window from our moving vehicle. We were on our way to find a safe place to pull over so I could capture a few photos of the giant turbines seeing we had ended up in the middle of a large wind farm. I was about to put this photo in my trash bin when the idea came that perhaps it would be a good candidate for my new From Mess to Masterpiece? feature on this blog site.

Here are the steps I took in order to produce the following result:

  • In Lightroom 3, used the Auto Tone preset along with the preset Punch. Seeing that the horizon line was already not level, I took it a little further off and created a slightly more diagonal horizon.
  • From LR3, selected Edit In and went to PS CS5.
  • In CS5, duplicated the background and kept the name Background Copy.
  • In the Background Copy layer, I removed the power lines using Content Aware and the path tool, spot healing brush and stroke path with brush feature in the path panel.
  • Once the lines were gone and any cleanup was done, I then duplicated that layer and called it, Topaz Simplify. 
  • I chose the Topaz Simplify layer and took it into…you guessed it…Topaz Simplify. I processed it using the Buzz Sim preset  (plus a few minor adjustments) and then back into CS5.
  • Once back in PS, I placed the Simplify layer on top of the Background Copy layer, set a Soft Light overlay and adjusted the opacity to 85% – just enough to allow some of the details in the Background Copy layer to show through.
  • Created a Stamp Layer of all the bottom layers, made a few minor adjustments like removing the small white puff of a cloud to the right of the largest turbine. It looked like a mistake rather than a cloud.
  • Then saved it back into LR3 for cataloging.
After those few steps, you tell me…is it a keeper? Is it a Masterpiece?

3 thoughts on “From Mess to Masterpiece? Muenster Wind Farm – (Masterpiece?)

    1. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering if you had downloaded it yet. There is just so much you can do with that program alone that you will THOROUGHLY enjoy it!


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