The Long and Windy Road

Last weekend, Sweet Hubby and I took a drive.

My little camera has been crying tears of neglect with the recent Texas Heat Wave of 2011. It’s been sitting in its bag, right next to my computer in the comfort of air-conditioning. Today marks the 61st day (of the last 62 days) of 100° plus temps in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It’s hot! It’s drought conditions. And I’m a baby.

We woke up rather early (for us on a Saturday), loaded the car and drove north. There was an area that I had not driven through before and I wanted to check it out. So off on a PhotoFrenzy we went!

We took back roads up toward Muenster. That was my destination. I have wanted to check out that little place for a while now and once we arrived, found it to be quite a cute little german establishment. I wanted to find the lake so we drove through the town with intent of stopping to check it out on the way back.

Once we got past town, we missed the turn for the lake but saw a large Wind Farm ahead. I asked Sweet Hubby to continue driving and we could find the lake on the way back. We drove and drove and before we knew it, we were in the MIDDLE of the Wind Farm! I’ve seen them from a distance on previous trips in previous years, but never had I been in the middle of one.

Have you ever taken a little trip and miss a turn but keep going only to miss another and want to keep going (and so on and so on) because what is ahead looks interesting, too? Well that is how the entire day went. And I liked it!

This is one of the roads we turned down. I kept hearing the Beatles song, The Long and Winding Road, but was singing, The Long and WINDY Road.

Can you see why?


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