A New Home: Photos and Facets

If you’ve been following, you know that I had a situation come up last week that resulted in a need to make some major changes. I’ve spent the last week working on moving my site, changing names, getting registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and registering a business for Debbi Robertson Photography, removing certain titles from my sites, other sites, social networks, etc. On top of all the other life that goes on.

So…all those photos I shot last weekend? Well, they are still sitting here on my  external hard drive. Haven’t touched them even once. But hopefully soon.

After several sleepless nights and long days of doing all of the above all the while searching for a new name for my Blog Site, here it is:

Photos and Facets

I know what it means to me, but what does it say to you? When you hear the name, what do you think of? Be honest. I haven’t registered it yet (although it is officially in commerce at this moment and no one else has it,) so if you don’t get what it represents, I’m not completely committed.

I’ll explain later how it came about and who won the contest. (By the way – thank you ALL for the suggestions that were commented and emailed to me. My followers really are the BEST! You guys know how to share the love.)

So…tell me…what does Photos and Facets bring to mind to you? I’m curious to hear!

Let Your Light Shine,
PS – Be sure to subscribe to this site. The old one will be going away in two weeks! 
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