To Clarify…

In case anyone comes here because of false fabrications they have heard (or read) elsewhere…

  • I am not a self-proclaimed Christian, I AM a Christian!
  • I never called the other blogger “mean”, “sad” or “bitter” in any of my posts. Never used those words to describe that person at all. I did say she was in pain and asked for others to pray for her. I did relate to a story of a very rude person in my past, but never called this particular person such. (Now, what my followers post in their comments are theirs, not mine!)
  • I have not edited any of my previous posts. They are the originals from time of publishing. Nothing has since been deleted.
  • I did not intentionally take the name of someone else. When I looked, 24atHeart was available and was not (and currently is not) showing up in trademark searches. I did not look for any other variation because that is not what I wanted. Even if I had, when I was choosing my name, it would not have shown trademarked since it was filed in June of this year.
  • I have been saying I am 24 years old for a long time. Since I was 24 to be exact – thus the name! My son is 26 almost 27 so you can imagine just how many years it has been.
  • In my five years of blogging, I’ve never once run across this blog.
  • There is absolutely no reason I would want to steal from her. Her name. Her photos. Anything. Period! (Her photos are beautiful, by the way.)
  • I have never used 24atHeart for my photography name. No, not even on Google+. It had/has my photography name (which was not and is not 24atHeart. Never has been. Ever!) and my public domain address. The only reference to 24atHeart that I had on a few photos was my public domain name of (which most have now been replaced.) More false information.
  • What is being neglected to share with her followers is the fact that I stopped by her site to say “hi.” Not to stir up anything and certainly not out of any competition. It was a friendly, hello. I am even the one who pointed out to her our name similarities. She was only “informed” by me!
  • As soon as she contacted me and informed me she was trademarked (which I DID NOT realize,) I contacted my attorney (yes, Friday evening) and began removing everything just as she had requested.
  • It does matter who had a name first, according to my attorney. Contesting can take place depending on who had it “in commerce” first. “If you wish to contest her claim, there will be a stage in the trademark registering process when you will need to take a formal stand . . . That process is a several months-long process and, as I said, she filed her application recently (June). At any rate, once the USPTO issues a “notice of allowance,” there will be a posting in the Official Gazette. At that time, any “oppositions” (opposing her registration) must be filed within a 30-day window of time. That initiates a litigation matter before the trademark authority.”
  • I do not wish to contest her claim because she owns it fair and square. I’ve said that from the first post I put out. Thus the reason I began removing the name once it was brought to my attention that she owned it. I’ve had my blog since 2006 however, I have not used that name for that length of time. She had her name “in commerce” prior to mine. I just never saw it until four days ago. End of story!

Now, THIS is the truth!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I just wanted to make a new friend. That is all! Now, hopefully we can put this behind and we can move on to more important things!


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