Bless the Bitter!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your kind words of encouragement regarding the posts I was forced to make yesterday. You just don’t know how much your thoughtfulness makes this heart swell. I so appreciate each and every one of you!

I want to share a story of my past. Many years ago I built a large direct sells business. I had a rather large organization and had many responsibilities. I would be out in the field in sales and then train those who were in my organization. One thing I made certain my trainees knew, “I don’t believe in training based on theory. I train by experience only.”

I had a situation one time with a person who was very, very rude. She was not liked by many people, however she was invited to participate in one of my sales presentations because the others didn’t want to leave her out, despite the fact that she was not well accepted among the group. During the presentation, this particular woman was extremely and outright rude to me, not only in her physical mannerisms, but also verbally. When the presentation was over, she criticized everything I had to offer and walked out without even a word. The hostess was very apologetic about this person’s rudeness.

When we finished up the paperwork, I placed a personal order for the rude lady and asked the hostess to please see that she received it when it came in. The hostess was moved, to the point of tears. She could not believe that I would offer such a gesture after how obviously rude (and it was obvious to everyone present) she had been to me.

She asked me why I did it. I simply told her, “She must have something terrible going on her life to be so inconsiderate. I just want to bless her.”

I was asked to train to a group in California not long after that (I live in Texas.) It was to a group of several hundred and I prepared a segment that was titled, Bless the Bitter. I spoke on how when someone does something to you that is rude, our normal response is to want to retaliate, be rude back, ignore them or worse. However, you will have more success, make more progress, (and feel better) if you do something nice for the person. Realize that you don’t know what they are going through and do good to them. The training was a huge success.

I never did hear from the lady whom I blessed, and that was OK. I didn’t expect to. However, I did hear from several people who had attended the presentation and my business grew tremendously as a result. I had made an impression on them and they saw me as a person of integrity. That is not why I blessed the bitter woman, but the fruit of doing so was wonderful.

So, why am I telling you this now? I want to encourage you all to bless the person whom I shared had sent me a threatening email yesterday. She is going through some things I’m sure. She is probably in pain and may have more going on than anyone is aware of. Let’s bless her by praying for her. Please.

Remember this in the future whenever you have someone who does you wrong or maybe is just simply rude. Remember…they may be going through something. They may be hurting. And remember…

to bless the bitter!


5 thoughts on “Bless the Bitter!

  1. This is right on time fo rme as I need to bless the bitter. i am struggling with some things similar and not really sure how to handle it. i suppose I should take your advice and “bless the bitter”. Thanks for the reminder that to be like Christ is always much better than to be like the old fleshly me.


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