Wow, A Sad Day

Well, everyone. This is a sad day for me indeed.

As you well know, I’ve been 24 at heart for a very long time. And I’ve had my blog for almost as long (not quite.) I began my blog in 2006, so it has been a while.

Tonight as I was on Google+, I found a fellow-blogger and photographer who also has the same her name as I do, but spelled out. I decided to stop by and leave a friendly “hello” to let her know that I had seen her and her name caught my eye, that I looked forward to her posts and photos and that was it.

Well, was I surprised shortly after, to receive an email from her telling me that I had copied her and that her (very popular) blog name is trademarked and she will be contacting her attorney. She is asking me – make that telling me – that I will need to change my name.

I did not mean any harm. And I’m thankful that my followers know me and my heart. It was truly a friendly contact that I made to say “hello.” However, I sorely regret that now. Although you all know I am and always will be 24 at heart, it is with much regret that I may be changing my blog name shortly.

Hang tight and I will keep you posted on what that will be and when. 

Now…off to rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say REJOICE! 🙂

Let Your Light Shine,



10 thoughts on “Wow, A Sad Day

  1. Debbi – that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! I’m so sorry to hear this. Don’t change your blog name yet though, no, actually change it to “I am the original 24atHeart and now a mean, sad woman wants to take my joy away”


    1. Thanks Julie

      The funny thing is this…I’ve had a couple of her followers contact me asking to me to change mine to 23 or 25. Ha! They just don’t get it. I’ve not been saying for many years that I’m 23 or that I’m 25. No, I’ve been saying for years (to the point that I have to count when asked my real age) that I’m 24. That is the number. So if I’m not 24 at heart, I will have to be something totally different. Oh well, if it will please her and all of her “THOUSANDS” of followers :), then I will do it She did have the foresight to get the name trademarked and I didn’t. But who knows? Maybe she did that after seeing mine – LOL. Oh well, live and learn.

      Moral of this story is…if you have a name you REALLY like…GET IT TRADEMARKED!


  2. Have you checked what a trademark in law actually looks like? If she spelt it and you have it in numbers, is it her trademark ? Why don’t you have it checked properly before you just get intimidated?


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