1, 2, 3 – Voila!

I’m still going through my archives and having fun processing photos that I’ve just set aside. I haven’t been out shooting lately. Call me a baby, but it has been just too hot to get out and enjoy it.

So here is another shot from the trip my Sweet Hubby took me on last December. We cruised out of the port in Galveston. After returning, we drove around the island for a few quick photos. There are so many beautiful old, I mean VERY old, homes on the island. Homes that are simply stunning! This one is no exception.

  1. I had only a single RAW file of this photo, which is shown in #1.
  2. Using Lightroom 3, I created two virtual copies and changed the exposure levels on them to +2 and -2, then ran them through Photomatix Pro to produce #2.
  3. Afterwards, edited the finished photo in Photoshop CS5 using Topaz Adjust giving it a little softer, painterly feel which resulted in #3 






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