2011, Week 30 – For the Fun of It

For this week’s FotoFriday52, I decided to go back a year. 

Why, you ask?

First of all I did not have a car this week to get out and drive. Sweet Hubby’s was in the shop so he had mine to get back and forth to work. Yes, I could have taken him to work and picked him up each day, but see reason number two…

Second, it averaged 103° the past week. Just too hot to get out with no particular destination in mind.

Combine those two and I’ve been in the house all week.

Therefore, I’ve gone back thru my hard drive to see what shots I took this time last year and found that I had taken at a trip to Clark Gardens.

I found one, pulled it from the archives and have given it a textured twist.

Just for the fun of it! 


(Which do you prefer?)


One thought on “2011, Week 30 – For the Fun of It

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